My Guilty Pleasure Movies

People say guilty pleasure movies aren't bad to have, and to say something is a guilty pleasure implies the movie is bad. I understand that, and completely agree. All the films on this list are quite ridiculous. It doesn't make my viewing experience any less enjoyable. 

I do love my movies, and have a penchant for enjoying the bad ones. I don't mean when I go to a film, expecting good things and find myself bombarded with stuff that doesn't make sense or a poor script with no redeeming characters (such as with Man of Steel). That's different. No, I mean when I see a film, fully expecting it to be shit, but find I enjoy it regardless. There's a pleasant, simplistic joy in that.

Grease 2 (1982)

An English student at a 60's American high school has to prove himself to the leader of a girls' gang whose members can only date greasers (from IMDb).

I don't even know how they made this movie or get the name like Grease 2. It's set at Rydell High, just like Grease, and the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds cliques are still going. And sure, there are some overlapping background characters like Frenchy and the headmistress. But that's about it. Oh, well and Michael is Sandy's cousin. That's officially it. 

Who even makes a movie based on Grease anyway? They were never going to create something with as much hype ever again, especially not with this. This film is just so bad, the songs are crap and the idea is just ridiculous. It feels like some weird fan-fiction, so perhaps that's why I like it. 

I saw this movie years and years ago, when I must have been about seven or something. It was on the TV, and I was bored so I watched it. I'd missed the start, so probably only watched the last half. I never forgot it, in the sense I'd enjoyed it and the melody of the Girl for All Seasons song at the end. I forgot everything else about it, which made it pretty impossible to find until about seven years later, when my mum got me a Grease 1&2 box set for Christmas, because it was the cheapest Grease copy she had found in HMV. It felt like fate to me. 

It shows how young and naive I was at seven and then fourteen, when I didn't realise all the songs are about sex. Listening to them now, even just reading the titles, such as 'Score Tonight', 'Reproduction' and 'Do It For Our Country' I  see it. I just remember my father walking in on the song 'Score Tonight', which the cast sing at a bowling alley and telling me to turn it off cause it was inappropriate and me having a fight with him about it. Good times.

Aliens in the Attic (2009)

A group of kids must protect their vacation home from invading aliens (from IMDb).

This, unfortunately, is my favourite film ever. I can't even use the excuse I saw it when I was a child, who is clearly the target audience of this film. No, I was probably about seventeen when I saw this movie. 

As is the same with Grease 2, I caught the last half of the movie on TV. Unlike with Grease 2, this was only a couple years ago so I could find out what the movie was actually called. Could even switch to Channel 4+1 and watch the film from the start that very same day. The advancement of TV channels is a wonderful thing, but it really does feed into my problems. 

But this movie is shit and great, all the same time. It has a stupid plot, but some great characters. It's just cute and silly, and fun to watch. Ricky is my favourite character, because he's such a moron, especially when he's being controlled by the aliens. My sister and I love sitting watching this when we need cheering up. Yes, I got my sister into this movie. One of her favourite films is Sherlock Holmes (2010). No, not the 2009 Robert Downey Jr. one. No, this one was a straight-to-DVD movie made by The Asylum (an American production company that makes terrible rip-offs of films) which has dinosaurs and dragons. Yes, that movie was really made. Yes, it's as terrible and ridiculous as it sounds. I've obviously ruined her over the years. 

The Lorax (2012)

A 12-year old boy searches for one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world (from IMDb).

This movie was actually such a surprise. I wasn't that interested in going to see it, even though it looked kind of sweet, but I didn't like Horton Hears a Who, which this reminded me of as it was animated. The only reason I did go to see it was because the guy I liked asked my friends and I to go see it. Safe to say, he was outraged at how one of his favourite books as a kid had been turned a musical. I, on the other hand, loved the songs.  They are great and memorable. 

Like Aliens in the Attic this movie is just fun to watch, something silly. It's colourful, with quite a clear message about deforestation. I enjoyed the characters, such as Ted who just wants to impress the girl next door and gets sucked into saving the trees, or the Once-ler, who I am so pleased they made a face for in this adaptation because he's hot when he's younger.

Teen Beach Movie (2013)

Two surfing lovers, whose doomed relationship is nearing to a close, find themselves swept into a time-travelling tidal wave that transports them to the 60s, where they find themselves during filming of a beach musical movie (from IMDb). 

I avoided this movie for years, thinking it was a High School Musical spin-off. I love the High School Musical movies (at least the first two I do), but I didn't want to bother if it didn't have the original cast in it. I don't know where I got the idea it was that, because it's definitely not. 

Instead, it's this strange movie about surfing and it acknowledges its ridiculous plot that makes no sense. The songs are catchy and dumb, and the feel of the movie is quite light and just something nice to perk you up if you need to be. My favourite character was Tanner, the love interest in the Wet Side Story musical that our real-life characters Brady and Mack get sucked into. He's just so dumb, but lovable. He does look a lot like Zac Efron, so that's another reason I like him. 

The sequel, released earlier this year, was just dull and such a disappointment. It had no good songs and lacked all the magic of the first one. I like to pretend this is a standalone film.

Let me know if you guys have any favourite guilty pleasure movies, or opinions on my own choices below. Would love to hear from you. 

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